Babylon (TV, 2014) – Review

When it comes to innovative and ground-breaking British television drama, Channel 4 is always at the forefront – leading the way in 2014 was the Danny Boyle produced drama, Babylon (TV, 2014).

Centered around a fictitious version of London’s Metropolitan Police Service, Babylon is a six-part mini-series that sees struggling police commissioner Richard Miller (James Nesbitt) employe renowned PR & Communications expert Liz Garvey (Brit Marling) to overhaul the dwindling reputation of the nations biggest police force.

With over 30,000 police officers now under the public eye, Babylon takes a closer look at the inner workings of Commissioner Miller, his service and the uniquely dysfunctional officers that operate within it – most notably the famous SO15 armed response unit, who after finding themselves involved in some high profile shootings, begin to inadvertently unravel the police service’s reputation as personal lives start to spill over publicly into the job.

In the UK, we’re certainly used to police television dramas, with long-running series such as The BillMidsummer Murders, and the recent BAFTA Award-winning Broadchurch, proving the can’t get enough of crime drama.

Hard-hitting, gritty, violent, and expertly written, Babylon is a riveting British drama that’s a true must see!

Who’s in it?

James Nesbitt as Commissioner Richard Miller

Brit Marling as Liz Garvey

Nick Blood as Warwick