One unquestionable and always distinctive trademark to any good thriller is the unexpected twist that throws you, the audience, off any previous conceived thought pattern that had you developing any logical reasoning for ‘who did it’?

Before I Go To Sleep (2014), based on the international bestselling novel by the same name, is a masterfully constructed, heart-pounding thrill ride following the life of Christine Lucas (Nicole Kidman), an amnesiac who after surviving a near fatal attack, wakes up every morning remembering nothing of the previous day.

Now in her forties, Christine wakes every morning thinking she is still in her twenties and must rely on notes, pictures, and the saint-like patience of her husband, Ben (Colin Firth), whom she doesn’t recognize despite being married for over fourteen years, to slowly piece together her existence.

But when the arrival of an unknown Dr. Nash (Mark Strong), a renowned neuro-phycologist, starts to help piece together the attack in the hope memories of the fateful night will return, Christine’s world as she knows it comes crashing in around her, with frightening and violent consequences.

Before I Go To Sleep is a true nail-biting, edge of your seat thriller that throws you into the terrifying life of an amnesiac and the unknown it brings every second of the day. Academy Award-winners Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth give unforgettable performances that bring this world to life and prove they are a formidable on-screen partnership that can only bring them more accolades, having only recently stared together in The Railway Man (2014).

With twists and turns around every corner, as well as what I can only describe as the mother of all twists at the end, Before I Go To Sleep is the thriller of the year so far and an absolute must-see.