BLACK SEA (2014)

Black Sea (2014) is the powerful thriller starring Jude Law as a washed up and recently dismissed salvage expert and ex-navy officer who goes in search of missing Nazi gold worth £140 million, currently resting undisturbed on the ocean floor in a destroyed German U-Boat.

With the financial backing of an illusive and powerful partner, Captain Robinson (Jude Law) assembles a bottom of the barrel salvage team, consisting of British and Russian submarine experts, and heads into the hostile waters of the Black Sea to salvage the forgotten gold bullion.

Though with the old Russian submarine as their only protection against an ocean of death all around them, as well as the threat of discovery by the Russian submarine fleet, the mission is going to be anything but easy.

However it soon becomes apparent that their biggest threat to survival and fortune, may in fact be one another, as greed for a bigger share each starts to wash through the submarine like a plague.

Director Kevin MacDonald, the Oscar-winning visionary behind The Last King of Scotland (2006), teams up with Utopia (TV, 2013) writer and producer Dennis Kelly, to breath new life into the submariner genre with this gripping and claustrophobic thriller, teaming with nerve-wrangling twists and turns.

Black Sea is a refreshing, character-driven, British thriller, chocked full of edge-of-your-seat suspense, strong performances, and unexpected twists that keep you engrossed until the very end.