Dracula Untold – Review

So when relatively unknown Irish director, Gary Shore, released the first trailer for his mind-blowing directional debut, Dracula Untold, I started to wonder whether he’d stumbled upon an untapped franchise goldmine. Having now seen the film, there’s no doubt he has.

As the title hints, Dracula Untold charts the birth of one of mythology’s most fearsome and notorious creatures of the night, and how Vlad the Impaler came to be known as Dracula.

Lord Vlad Tepes (Luke Evans), known to his enemies as Vlad the Impaler, due to his signature trademark of impaling his victims, has stepped away from his once murderous ways, and now rules his kingdom in peace, alongside his wife and young son.

But when the oppressive ruler Sultan Mehmed II (Dominic Cooper), demands one thousand boys from Lord Vlad’s kingdom, including his own son, to join his army, Vlad finds no other alternative then to make a pact with an ancient vampire (Charles Dance). In return for almost unlimited power and strength to defeat the Sultan and his vast army, Vlad will become a creature of the night, doomed to walk the earth forever and serve his new master.

With a world of eternal darkness waiting for him, there is hope for Vlad and his mortality; if he can keep the unrelenting urge to feed on human blood at bay for three days, his mortality will be restored and the pact void…but is it possible to withstand the thirst?

Dracula Untold is a refreshing take on the legend of mythology’s most famous vampire. Dark, chilling, and epic fight scenes worthy of any big budget Hollywood blockbuster, Dracula Untold is captivating from start to finish, with a stellar performance from Luke Evans who brings the character of Dracula to life like never before.

New hit franchise in the making?…I think so.