Lucy – Review

In an industry where the term ‘Auteur’ seems to have almost entirely disappeared, and only survives thanks to a handful of filmmakers who battle to keep its principles alive, writer/directors such as Luc Besson always provide us something truly special and utterly unique.

That same excitement and anticipation has surrounded the film since the trailer first released back in July and will no doubt help draw in the crowds, especially with one of Hollywood‘s most popular leading ladies in the title role.

In the modern world where we humans have only so far unlocked 10% of our cerebral capability, Lucy follows a young woman, Lucy (Scarlett Johansson), who after finding herself caught up in an international drug smuggling ring, accidentally overdoses on a revolutionary new drug that allows her to unlock 100% of her minds true potential, which she then uses against the drug cartel responsible, along with the help of a renowned scientist (Morgan Freeman).

There can only be respect and admiration for a filmmaker that sticks to his ‘auteur’ principles but isn’t afraid to adapt and move with the modern advances in film-making, a view that best sums up Luc Besson and his latest cinematic release. Lucy opens the world up to the somewhat frightening possibilities that the human brain could be capable of and whether or not the human race is ready for such an advancement in evolution.

With subtle references to Besson‘s most loved and celebrated cult classics, Leon and The Fifth Element, references in the form of the distinctive soundtrack and gritty cinematography, Lucy, despite losing the plot in some respects, is a refreshing look at a question many of us have often wondered – “What are we humans truly capable of?”. A must see for drama and action junkies.