Make Money Online Selling On eBay

Make Money Online Selling On eBay – You may know every Online Large, from Amazon, Google, to AOL, Google, but not forget eBay. Only eBay is so close that online company can generate income online. It is the most convenient way to generate income online promoting on eBay.

You may not recognize it yet, but you are about to begin an interesting new lifestyle! The globe of income is not only a very successful globe, but it can also mean a life-style change compared with any you could’ve thought just a few decades ago.

eBay is now the biggest industry and the income design which eBay first delivers into company actually allows you the opportunity to generate income online quickly. So why not use this to the advantage of your web page and your business? By developing an easy-to-use eBay Shop and record some hot, in-demand products at a little lower price from the price on your web page, you can bring customers from eBay back to your web page as well as developing income and income for your company through eBay. eBay Store’s charges each month is affordable and can easily be paid off from the benefit of just a few little income. eBay Shop is set up to where your product can be detailed instantly saving your efforts and effort and creating the servicing of your eBay Shop simple and easy.

Compare this with the majority of businesses out eBay, which may actually take a year or partners of decades before they recognize any real earnings, you will feel pleased. Is it awesome to generate income online promoting on eBay?
By basically knowing and knowing what you are doing, you can be very successful doing your web company to earn cash promoting selling on eBay.

The visitors on eBay is huge, check out the numbers for yourself at any source you believe in. eBay has a incredible 10 thousand products on sale whenever you want. The site gets 1.5 billion dollars public auction page opinions each month. This is the key that makes it so simple for common individuals to earn cash on eBay. It is merely a matter of taking your products to where the customers are awaiting it. But you need to know what you are doing on Selling On eBay. It all depends upon getting the system to increase your public auction efficiency.

You can be found by more eBay customers by being as illustrative as possible in the Item Information and by using as many search phrases as possible that explain your product and industry within the Item Headline. Reviews show that over 90% of queries on eBay are done using the look for service. What customers do not know about eBay look for service is that by standard it only queries the product headings – not the explanations of the products.

Imagine developing a web page that got more than 10 thousand unique visitors per Day. Do you think you might be able to find a way to generate income online promoting on eBay? One of the biggest benefits of promoting on eBay is this actual number of visitors that you instantly obtain as a authorized supplier of eBay.

eBay allows you to set up an account with only some basic private information and a bank card for payments. There is generally no up-front investment required! Meanwhile, you can use PayPal as your device to gather your cash from promoting on eBay. If you evaluate this to conventional company, you have to confess this is for your application.

One of the main issues that suppliers have about trading on the internet is: “How do I know that they are going to pay?” That is not a question at all. eBay and PayPal have rights for suppliers and secure customers also. One protection is “feedback”. This is merely a documented “comment” (either positive, fairly neutral or negative) left by both the customer and supplier after a deal finishes, informing future consumers how that particular deal went.

Just think about the important points that there are several of individuals generating income online. The information are that there are several of individuals who generate income online promoting on eBay. So why the next one is not you? – Make Money Online Selling On eBay

Make Money With your blog – Why Are Blogs Profitable

Make Money With your blog – Why Are Blogs Profitable – There are many blog writers out there that do not view the prospective of their blogs; specifically, the earnings generating prospective of a weblog and how it can be enhanced to generate a stable on the internet earnings. Here are a few factors why anyone can earn money writing a blog. Weblogs are becoming well-known due to the fact that they can be put to use for earnings creation. Online Promoters use blogs for promotion and blog writers take advantage of that need and earn money writing a blog. So why are blogs so profitable? Well here are four reasons:

Highly Targeted Marketing
Blog guests are there for a particular reason. Weblogs, being regularly modified are a great resource of details on a particular subject. Visitors become do it again guests, visitors and members. Excellent blogs, the ones that are managed and modified regularly can and do have stable audience that keeps returning looking forward to the next publish and article. These blogs have viewers enabling marketers and promoters quick access to particular groups.

Blogs and Physical Evidence
Before I invested a few thousand dollars to buy my new laptop a few months ago, I study views, recommendations and customer views on many different items. I invested an excellent 10-12 hours reading, evaluating getting notices and asking questions before I decided and invested my cash. Most of that time was invested on technology blogs; I study views, compared items and was actually pretty happy to discover out that this details was easily obtainable on the internet. It assisted my buy.

Even if the organization I bought laptops computer from provided me with the views I might had been tired and perhaps not getting it seriously. The blog writers that analyzed the items, even if they where compensated to do it, provided me a completely different perspective; a viewpoint that actually assisted that organization create money without using any of its own resources to do so! I was satisfied, and still am; particularly of the efficiency and direct characteristics of this media, writing a blog. Here are some more factors for earning cash with a blog:

Blogs are Entertaining
Readers will publish feedback, get involved in conversations, talk about their encounters about particular products/topics, attract their results and possibly write about the same subject on their blogs. Aside from the extra visibility an marketer can get it helps build a better existence for their website with more back-links. More back-links, means better positions and consequently better positioning on a google look for engine outcome web page and more cash.

Building Backlinks
All on the internet marketers are aware of the significance of backlink developing. Preferably, one way hyperlinks directing returning to their sites. When someone content a link with a keyword and key phrase directing returning to their web page, it is like a vote; a elect of confidence for that particular site, at least for google. To be able for, Google, lets say to marijuana out all the unrelated results from queries, they came up with an criteria that only shows the most well-known webpages for that keyword and key phrase. To experience this they position webpages with more hyperlinks directing returning to them with particular search phrases, better and higher. If you want your web page to position better for queries you should endeavor to get all the back-links you will discover. Other blogs are an excellent way of getting these hyperlinks.

It is not hard to begin a weblog and turn it into a cash weblog. All you need to do is first view the prospective of your weblog site and then begin putting some work in improving it. Once you begin getting some guests you can begin earning cash right away. You can earn money writing a blog with compensated views. Or if you are into Web 2.0, and a fan of social social networking, you can still create earn money writing a blog with Entrecard – Make Money With your blog – Why Are Blogs Profitable.


Must Know Guidelines For Selecting The Right Domain – Find an excellent sector deal with is as essential as selecting an excellent organization name. Actually organizations have relabeled their organization to the sector because many individuals realized their sector better than the organization name. So before you release a web page it is best to select a sector that you would not thoughts your as your organization name.

Before you go too far into getting your name do a Examine and see if your organization name is already authorized. Do this by writing http://www.”your organization name”.com into the deal with bar of your web browser if it comes returning “site not found” you could be on a champion. If a web page comes returning for one of your opponents or it is something you would not want to be recognized you have two choices, look for something else of a identical name or trying to trying to buy the sector from it’s present proprietor.

Finding the right sector deal with can be very essential. The following should help you when selecting.

Does not issue what you offer your sector deal with will effect your organization, select something that you would not thoughts as your organization name as it will be determining you on the internet. Actually your organization name may be the best sector for you your clients already know you by this and they are most likely writing your organization name followed by .com direcly into their web browser to discover you.

How many characters should I have in my sector ?

Your sector can be up to 67 figures but brief titles are best, around the 20 figures is best, websites can not have areas in the and their is not factor in such as investment characters as they are not situation delicate. In choosing your sector keep in thoughts smaller is better, a longer period websites are more complicated to remember and get incorrectly spelled, keep in thoughts individuals have to kind it into their web browser so keep it simple for them.

What figures can you use for websites ?

Special figures are permitted in websites but each sector domain registrar is different, they all allow emphasizes and hyphens (-). Mostly you should remain with characters and figures. It is best to keep away from brilliant or unique punctuation and unique figures as individuals will misspell your sector. You can use figures but I recommend only if it is aspect of your product, having a 4 instead of “for’ as aspect of your sector may be brilliant, but individuals won’t keep in thoughts and don’t normally look for using a variety they basically won’t discover you.

Google and other search engines are excellent at their studying websites that have conditions created up without dashes such as “” so don’t be involved if your sector is this way computer systems, kind this well. I try not to have dashes as they are not “people friendly” and when individuals ignore them they complete up on your opponents web page, if you can prevent dashes in your sector do.

Be illustrative. Everyone is more likely to basically simply click a backlink to your web page if they can see instantly that it has the details they are looking for such as or Observe out for Examine for Bad Term Mixtures in Domain Names. You don’t want to end up with a sector deal with that has a absolutely different significance from the one you designed some bad illustrations the developers at Rate of Art like their sector and it appears to be excellent until it becomes

Do not use websites with brands unless it is your product, you don’t want to have infringements in trademark.

Now you have the sector realized out, go and get someone that does not know your company to look at it and opinion. If it comes up OK then it’s about here we are at sector signing up.

If you have not been able to get the sector you want there is the choice of getting a facebook or myspace fan web page, after you get more that 25 prefers you can create it into it’s own facebook or sector, more about this later, or check out my web page. Best of fortune in releasing your web page. Must Know Guidelines For Selecting The Right Domain – Top Web Hosting And Internet Product Reviews.


Most Consideration Aspects of Web hosting Service – Before you make decision to purchase web hosting services you should consider many aspect of web hosting service. The features on web hosting that are most important for the website owner such as disc space, bandwidth, and much more features. I’ll list its features from the most important to be consider on purchasing web hosting services.

The most important for website features are administration, in here you are able to control everything data or file in your hosting. You can check the availability of disc and bandwidth space,  even you can check your traffic sources and referrals, and much more. There are many categories in administration section, such as account setting, DNS management, cPanel, web statistic, softwares download or installation,  manage mail account and more.

The next is hosting aspect such as bandwidth, disc space, back up, up time guarantee, open sources, data base, private domain registration. If you  use web hosting, support from the companies is very  important also. Though customer support is important for any product or service, it is especially important to web hosting because users want to make sure their websites are up and running as they should be at all times.  So this is very important category and consumers will want to look for a website hosting company that offers fast 24/7 support, if possible.

Beside of these aspects, you must also consider this categories: domain, email, security, learning material, bonuses and sure everybody will consider the pricing. Most Consideration Aspects of Web hosting Service

My ebay selling secrets

My ebay selling secrets – What are the public craigs list promoting tricks that so many common men and women use to create themselves money (or considerably more) on public craigs list these days?

It is apparent that you will have to be serious about your company if you are going to create it big on public craigs list – just like in any other company action. As such there are a lot of factors to consider, like a excellent company undertaking, marketing, client support etc.

However, for anyone trying to offer anything on public craigs list there are actually two “secrets” that will create a world of distinction.

The public craigs list promoting expert knows that…

I remember listening to a China tale once, about a expert toy maker; His most experienced newbie had become a very skilful toy manufacturer himself. But, although his baby dolls where officially just as excellent as the experts, there was still something losing. Something so apparent that anyone could tell the distinction, yet no one could put their hand exactly on what created the experts baby dolls so much more amazing.

Finally, on the experts deathbed, the newbie requested the expert what his big key was. The expert then took one of the baby dolls that the newbie had created, provided it’s face a soothing force so that the oral cavity and sight raised into a friendly grin.

This was the whole key ebay selling secrets.

Now, like I said there is obviously more to it than this when it comes to promoting expertly on public craigs list. But the two most crucial components to any public craigs list public auction are

– The item description

– A excellent picture of the item

Getting these right appears to be simple enough, but as a client you will still se significant amounts of badly published explanations and non-representative images, or no picture at all. This will, in most cases, create you as a potential customer think twice before putting any offers with this particular public craigs list vendor.

An item information that sells

The key to any eBay record is the information of the item. Get this right as a supplier, and you have already won half the fight.

It is clear and understandable that the information should “sell” the item for you, but don’t go over the top and create a “shopping channel” style advertisement. In fact, the most essential thing is that the customer gets as excellent an picture as is possible about the item, without having it in his or her own hands.

Think about it for a short time, if you where going to bid a lot of money on something. you would definitely want to know that it’s wort putting in a bid for in the first position – right?

You want to know exactly what design, year, producer etc. the item in query is. Is it used or product new? Top condition or a little bit damaged? If it’s some kind of outfits, is it definitely your size etc.?

For whatever you are promoting you want to position yourself in the clients footwear and ask yourself: “what would I want to know about this product?”. Then be as thorough and sincere as possible about your items peculiarities in your information. And if someone e-mails you with a follow-up query, be quick to reply. If you are promoting a certain kind of item on a ongoing foundation, it is normally also a wise decision to keep track on what extra questions you get, in order to further enhance your item explanations.

A excellent information will bring you the appropriate clients, who understand buying from you. Create a really mysterious or overall fake information and you risk end up being considered as another public craigs list con specialist.

A picture offers more than a million words?

As an public craigs list professional you will definitely want to sweep up on your abilities in digital photography. A excellent picture will by no means cover up for a bad item information, but it will definitely help tip the machines even further in your favor. Making the picture out is simply not an option in most circumstances on ebay selling secrets. Believe in me, the extra effort invested on this will pay you back in scoops.

It is no chance that most public craigs list PowerSellers are also pretty experienced professional photographers. Buing that gleaming outfit or vintage container seems so much better, after having seen an picture of tha actual item.

The only situation where you could use some kind of stock picture, is if you are promoting some kind of product new item that will look the same no matter where the client purchases it. Still, if the manufacturer can’t provide you with eye-catching and specific images, you might want to take your own images anyway.

Good digital cameras are cheap nowadays, so every public craigs list business owner should definitely have one.

If you are seeking for long lasting success on public craigs list, there are definitely many other factors you will need to learn. But perfecting the item information and picture will definitely be one of main the objectives on your trip towards public craigs list promoting expertise – My ebay selling secrets.

One Way Links is the best SEO strategy

One Way Links is the best SEO strategy. – There are two very well-known techniques for getting lengthy lasting one way hyperlinks that will deliver visitors to your web page. They include:

1) Composing Content – How this performs is that you create an content, at the end or in your articles or your content , you position a backlink to your web page. Then, you publish the content to an writing and posting articles support that will make your articles or your content available for free or for a price. The customer of your articles or your content  must then put the whole content on their website, with your weblink. And, you have one more lengthy lasting one way backlink to your web page for every individual who uses your material.

2) Submitting to Internet directories – Submitting your web page URL to web directories is a very difficult and tedious procedure, where you provide the headline and information of the website, moreover to the URL for your website. The listing will then add your website and provides you another inbound weblink. Directory distribution is a good SEO strategy for getting lengthy lasting one way hyperlinks.

Because to increase visitor we need SEO strategy, the two methods that are most often used to improve the variety of inbound hyperlinks are both difficult and tedious, it is better to ask for the help of an experienced who knows what to do to get you lengthy lasting one way hyperlinks.

Using someone who has encounter writing articles and posting to directories to be able to develop one way hyperlinks is better than doing this distribution yourself. Why? Because first you don’t have extended time to spend and second you could produce bad inbound hyperlinks if you d not publish your your articles or your content  or listing results in the right way – One Way Links is the best SEO strategy.


Myth of blogging – There are certain misconceptions that have started up around weblogs, weblog writers and the dunia ngeblog in common. Here are just some of them and some clarifications:

Anyone can begin a blog! Not just anyone! There are some specifications, some more apparent than others. Obviously, you need a pc that you know how to use, an Online access and some encounter using the Online. You also need a variety for your blog; there are weblog serves that are 100 % free and some that price a little bit monthly. One last need is not just an capability to connect your ideas but also a desire to do so.

Anyone can set up a blog! Some weblogs are much simpler to set up and use than others, this relies on your weblog site variety (e.g., blog writer, iblogs, typepad, tblog, etc.). Some weblog serves take you through a several easy set-up actions and you’re off composing your first publish but there are others that get far more technological than the common customer may be prepared for.

Blogging doesn’t take up that much time! That depends! Some content, when you have no shocks of what you want to say, may take just a few moments while you may battle for periods (literally) with others that include complicated problems or ideas. In common, composing a blog is a everyday action for the serious blog writer (some weblog writers create up to ten content a day) and a once-a-week action for the informal blog writer.

Most weblogs are political! Many weblogs concentrate on governmental subjects but most weblogs are just weblog writers talking about their lifestyles, likes and moves. A record of the 50 most frequented weblogs at BlogHub ( reveals very few governmental weblogs.

Blogs are in competitors with the main-stream media! This is real in a few situations (not as many situations as weblog writers would have you think). Just lately, there have been some very well-known and significant community and politically-oriented weblogs that have triggered main-stream press sites to back-track and modify their protection of essential activities – Myth of blogging.

Bloggers just criticize and have no new details to add! This may be real in some situations but composing a blog nowadays is much more than the individual action it used to be. Organizations, press sites, community individualities, political figures and professionals in almost every area have now signed up with the positions of weblog manufacturers. Considering all this skills, one would have to say that weblog writers have a lot of new details to add to any discussion.

You can’t believe anything you study in a blog! That’s a bit of an overstatement. You’ll run across bad details and even deliberate untruths in weblogs but, for the most aspect, weblog writers who condition information are revealing what they genuinely believe to be reality. It is always up to the visitors to confirm that any details they get is precise details.

The dunia ngeblog is a meritocracy! Does the lotion increase to the top? Of course it does but outside around the globe of the milk, a lot relies on how you determine lotion. If you consider the those weblog writers who have the biggest audience to be the “best“ than yes, the dunia ngeblog is a meritocracy with audience being the ‘payoff’ for being the best. The best, however, is not always the most well-known. You will, while browsing, run across some incredibly brilliant, incredibly emotional and incredibly erudite weblog writers who have a very little readerships, as confirmed by very few, if any, feedback to their content. That can be described by those blogger’s deficiency of desire to ‘play the game’ that must be performed to entice a huge audience, e.g., strongly advertising their weblogs, investing many periods a longer period studying and leaving feedback on other’s weblogs than they invest composing for their own, record their weblog on every available listing, etc.. Every one of us has a different meaning of achievements, to some, a huge audience is sufficient achievements, to some using their weblog as a money-making system and actually developing some cash is the greatest achievements while to others, like those with an deliberately low customer profile, think that basically developing content that are ideal expression of what they want to say is compensate enough.

Need a laugh? Discussing of misconceptions, if you need a excellent have a excellent laugh, go and study the publish titled: “Blog Myths and Facts” published by ‘Frank J’ at the IMAO blog – Myth of blogging.

The Hundred-Foot Journey – Review

After initially closing myself off to seeing this film at the cinema, it was in fact thanks to the persistent determination of my grandmother, pleading with me in the middle of Leicester Square, that finally convinced me to see it.

Despite seeing the trailer, it turns out my prejudgement of the film was completely unfounded and I in fact new very little of what the story was actually about or the cinematic masterpiece I was about to witness.

Based on the novel by Richard C. Morais and directed by acclaimed filmmaker, Lasse Hallström (ChocolateThe Cider House Rules), The Hundred-Foot Journey follows the Kadam family, who after fleeing India, find themselves stranded in a small French village, that may just turn out to offer the fresh start at life they’ve been looking for.

But as life has already proven, things will not be so simple for this family as they invest their entire life-savings into a new restaurant, that just so happens to be opposite an already established Michelin-starred restaurant owned by Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren).

As the war of kitchen’s commences, Hassan Kadem (Manish Dayal), the eldest son of the family, may just hold the key to his families survival as his world-class talents in the kitchen start to shine.

The Hundred-Foot Journey is the truly inspiring and heart-warming tale of life, family, and acceptance, with breathtaking performances by a talented cast that bring undeniable chemistry to the story.

One of the must-see, stand-out films of the year that teaches us that sometimes we must let fate guide us in order to find our true purpose in this life.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014) – Review

So it’s no surprise that we’ve seen a steady increase in our favourite childhood superheroes coming to life, and like Uncle Ben said to Peter Parker; “with great power, comes great responsibility”.

A famous quote that should be at the forefront of any filmmaker’s mind who’s taking on a much loved comic book classic and turning it into a big-budget blockbuster.

When bringing the world’s most famous and loved superheroes to life, filmmakers have a responsibility to us, the audience, and the characters, to ensure the movie is as mesmerizing and memorable as possible – one thing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles failed to provide.

This disappointing remake of the popular comic and cartoon series, follows four human-size, teenage turtles, who just so happen to be mutant ninja’s, that after a lab experiment gone wrong, find themselves living in the sewers of New York City. Guided and trained by Master Splinter, a human-sized rat with the intelligence and wisdom of a hundred monks, the turtles find themselves in the midst of a secret war with a criminal organization known as the Foot Clan and their mysterious leader known only as The Shredder.

But when a young and unsuspecting reporter, April O’Neil (Megan Fox), stumbles upon them, the Turtles discover that their life hidden in the sewers is over and that their greatest battle is upon them.

First and foremost it’s worth pointing out that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is cinematically stunning, perhaps not so surprising considering it was produced by Transformers director, Michael Bay, but what was surprising was it’s sheer lack of plot and character substance.

I suppose the main issue with the film was that it seemed to be targeted at a young audience, despite the generation that grew up with it now long into their late twenties, early thirties. In hindsight it just felt too childish and reserved for an audience that consisted mainly of adults.

For those with young kids, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is an exciting action-packed blockbuster that will keep them entertained from start to finish, but for you fans out there that grew up with these characters, keep your expectations low, it’ll help ease the disappointment.

Dracula Untold – Review

So when relatively unknown Irish director, Gary Shore, released the first trailer for his mind-blowing directional debut, Dracula Untold, I started to wonder whether he’d stumbled upon an untapped franchise goldmine. Having now seen the film, there’s no doubt he has.

As the title hints, Dracula Untold charts the birth of one of mythology’s most fearsome and notorious creatures of the night, and how Vlad the Impaler came to be known as Dracula.

Lord Vlad Tepes (Luke Evans), known to his enemies as Vlad the Impaler, due to his signature trademark of impaling his victims, has stepped away from his once murderous ways, and now rules his kingdom in peace, alongside his wife and young son.

But when the oppressive ruler Sultan Mehmed II (Dominic Cooper), demands one thousand boys from Lord Vlad’s kingdom, including his own son, to join his army, Vlad finds no other alternative then to make a pact with an ancient vampire (Charles Dance). In return for almost unlimited power and strength to defeat the Sultan and his vast army, Vlad will become a creature of the night, doomed to walk the earth forever and serve his new master.

With a world of eternal darkness waiting for him, there is hope for Vlad and his mortality; if he can keep the unrelenting urge to feed on human blood at bay for three days, his mortality will be restored and the pact void…but is it possible to withstand the thirst?

Dracula Untold is a refreshing take on the legend of mythology’s most famous vampire. Dark, chilling, and epic fight scenes worthy of any big budget Hollywood blockbuster, Dracula Untold is captivating from start to finish, with a stellar performance from Luke Evans who brings the character of Dracula to life like never before.

New hit franchise in the making?…I think so.

The Equalizer (2014) – Review

Forget Neeson. Don’t. Mess. With. DENZEL. Something I will almost certainly be taking into consideration having now seen the explosive new action-thriller, The Equalizer.

Two-time Academy Award-winner Denzel Washington is no stranger to action blockbusters, but his latest movie, The Equalizer, takes gun fights, explosions, and general ‘badassness’ to the next level.

Based on the 1980’s TV series, The Equalizer follows Robert McCall (Washington) who by all accounts is just your regular, kindhearted, average Joe, but as we’re all too aware, looks can more often then not be deceiving. Although in this instance, McCall is the quiet, reserved insomniac we’re lead to believe he is, except for one underlying character trait that makes him a nightmare for anyone praying on the innocent.

Denzel Washington stars in The Equalizer (2014) | Image © Sony Pictures, 2013.

Injustice doesn’t sit well with this knight in shining armor, so when an innocent young girl, caught up in the horrific world of sex trafficking, is nearly killed by a Russian mobster, Robert McCall finds his unique skills needed to exact justice on those involved.

Chloe Grace Moretz stars in The Equalizer (2014) | Image © Sony Pictures, 2013.

Thing’s are unfortunately never as easy as they first seem, and before he knows it, McCall finds himself hunted by one of Russia’s most notorious and feared criminal organizations.

The Equalizer sees Denzel Washington give one of his most intense and world-class performances since Training Day (2001), something only enhanced by the outstanding supporting cast including Chloë Grace Moretz and Marton Csokas.

Oscar-winner Denzel Washington in The Equalizer (2014) | Image © Sony Pictures, 2013.

Riviting, gripping, and stunningly cinematic, The Equalizer is an action-packed masterpiece that reunites Denzel Washington with Antoine Fuqua, the visionary director behind Training Day (2001) and Olympus Has Fallen (2013) – proving beyond doubt that some creative partnerships are meant to be.


One unquestionable and always distinctive trademark to any good thriller is the unexpected twist that throws you, the audience, off any previous conceived thought pattern that had you developing any logical reasoning for ‘who did it’?

Before I Go To Sleep (2014), based on the international bestselling novel by the same name, is a masterfully constructed, heart-pounding thrill ride following the life of Christine Lucas (Nicole Kidman), an amnesiac who after surviving a near fatal attack, wakes up every morning remembering nothing of the previous day.

Now in her forties, Christine wakes every morning thinking she is still in her twenties and must rely on notes, pictures, and the saint-like patience of her husband, Ben (Colin Firth), whom she doesn’t recognize despite being married for over fourteen years, to slowly piece together her existence.

But when the arrival of an unknown Dr. Nash (Mark Strong), a renowned neuro-phycologist, starts to help piece together the attack in the hope memories of the fateful night will return, Christine’s world as she knows it comes crashing in around her, with frightening and violent consequences.

Before I Go To Sleep is a true nail-biting, edge of your seat thriller that throws you into the terrifying life of an amnesiac and the unknown it brings every second of the day. Academy Award-winners Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth give unforgettable performances that bring this world to life and prove they are a formidable on-screen partnership that can only bring them more accolades, having only recently stared together in The Railway Man (2014).

With twists and turns around every corner, as well as what I can only describe as the mother of all twists at the end, Before I Go To Sleep is the thriller of the year so far and an absolute must-see.


The Last Ship (Season 1) – Review

Last night saw the UK premiere of The Last Ship, an explosive and captivating new series from Executive Producer, Michael Bay, and starring Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, and Adam Baldwin.

What’s it about?

When the crew of the US Navy Destroyer, USS Nathan James, are sent on a top secret mission to the Arctic, little did they know that four months later they would be the only remaining hope for humanity when a horrific virus kills off most of the world’s population. Secluded in the far reaches of the world, Commander Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) discovers that the mysterious scientist from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Doctor Rachel Scott (Rhona Mitra), who boarded his ship four months ago, has been less then truthful as she works secretly to develop a cure for the virus before it’s too late.

However, when the USS Nathan James comes under attack from a rogue outfit of the once Russian Navy, the crew discover the true reason for their deployment, and must battle to keep Dr. Rachel Scott alive long enough to develop the cure to humanities survival – though nothing is as simple in a now lawless world where danger awaits around every corner.

The Last Ship combines all the key ingredients for an addictive thrill-ride, full of suspense, action, isolation, and big guns that will make this series one of the year’s most explosive new shows, and a must see for all action junkies out there.

The Last Ship can be seen Friday’s @ 8pm on Sky1 and Sky1 HD | Those with On-Demand can also catch up with previous episodes now. | For more info, visit the Sky1 website here.

The Guest – Review

Relatively unknown director, Adam Wingard, makes an explosive entrance into the Hollywood big leagues with The Guest (2014), a nervy drama that follows David (Dan Stevens), a recently discharged US Army solider who visits the family of his fallen friend and soldier.

It quickly becomes apparent that David may be exactly what this grieving family need and quickly becomes the guest we all wish we could have stay.

But beneath the charm, manners, and emotional support, lies something not quite right, and soon this family find their lives taking an unexpected, sinister turn as the man staying with them shows his true intentions.

The Guest was a unique infusion of drama, suspense, and unexpected horror that surprised me all the way through, with some fantastically subtitle comedic moments from all of its characters that drew you in to their stories instantly.

Without doubt one of the highlights of the film was watching Downton Abbey‘s, Dan Stevens take on a role so completely unexpected, and yet deliver a performance so bad-ass and unforgettably creepy that it’s sure to make him Hollywood‘s next big action star.

For an all-out action-thriller that will have you engrossed from start to finish, The Guest is the perfect film to see this summer and an absolute must see.

As Above, So Below – Review

Certainly one of the most intriguing titles of recent years, As Above, So Below follows an obsessive young archeologist, Scarlett (Perdita Weeks), who recruits a team of treasure hunters to explore the catacombs beneath the streets of Paris, in search of an ancient artifact. But once inside the catacombs, known as the ‘City of the Dead’, not all is as it seems and a dark evil slumbers, just waiting to unleash horrifying evil upon the unsuspecting explorers.

*CAUTION* – May contain some unavoidable spoilers.

What’s good about the film?
The catacombs below Paris is a subject matter that is rarely touched upon in film, so it’s quite refreshing to be taken somewhere we may not necessarily have known much about, if at all. One of the major horror and suspense elements in the film is the claustrophobic setting; far below the surface in a series of tunnels and chambers that would make even the bravest of cave explorers nervous.

Directed and co-writer John Erick DowdleAs Above, So Below delves into some incredibly well researched and engrossing subject matter that adds to the overall feel of the film, though at times you can’t help but picture the world’s most famous wizard. If you’ve seen the film you’ll know what I mean, if not, you surely will afterwards. There are also some great, heart-pounding and jump-in-your-seat worthy moments that keep you engrossed throughout.

What’s wrong about the film?
A massive down-point about the film is the storyline. As the great as the plot starts out, it somehow manages to get lost down in the catacombs, perhaps slightly ironic considering most of the story involves being lost underneath Paris.

The film has some fantastic historical elements that plays to it’s strengths at the beginning, with a National Treasure (2004) feel about it, mixed in with some horror similar to that of the British horror The Descent (2005), but by the end the story seems to have been completely forgotten about with no resolution for the audience – which unfortunately leaves you with a huge sense of disappointment and fulfillment.

For all intense purposes As Above, So Below grips you from the beginning, throwing you into heart-pounding suspense and horror, but unfortunately leaves you with too many unanswered questions that disconnects you from the characters at the end. Worth a watch though!

Let’s Be Cops – Review

The power, the authority, the ability to make someone dance in the middle of the street for absolutely no reason apart from your own amusement – well perhaps not the later, but still a great many perks.

Ryan (Jake Johnson) and Justin (Damon Wayans, Jr) pondered these exact possibilities when deciding to rock up to a college reunion in cop uniforms, only to come face to face the reality that their lives are an overwhelming disappointment.

Damon Wayans, Jr and Jake Johnson star in Let’s Be Cops (2014). | Image © 20th Century Fox.

That all changes however when they take to the streets dressed as cops and discover an exiting world of possibilities that are presented to them, especially when everyone thinks your $1 LAPD badge is real.

Nina Dobrev stars in Let’s Be Cops (2014) | Image © 20th Century Fox.

However, when you decide to wear the badge, you can almost guarantee that danger is not far behind, and unfortunately for Ryan and Justin, it’s about to get REAL. Bullets, criminals, conspiracies, and everything in between – these two fake cops may just have to become real cops if they’re going to make it out alive.

Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans, Jr star in Let’s Be Cops (2014). | Image © 20th Century Fox.

Let’s Be Cops is one of the best cop comedies since The Other Guys and Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr are a breath of fresh air and a comedic match made in heaven that have you laughing from start to finish, and with a great supporting cast including Andy GarciaJames D’ArcyNina Dobrev, and Rob RiggleLet’s Be Copsis a definite must see this summer!

For more news and trivia on Let’s Be Copsvisit IMDb‘s official page here. You can also check out the official trailer below.

Lucy – Review

In an industry where the term ‘Auteur’ seems to have almost entirely disappeared, and only survives thanks to a handful of filmmakers who battle to keep its principles alive, writer/directors such as Luc Besson always provide us something truly special and utterly unique.

That same excitement and anticipation has surrounded the film since the trailer first released back in July and will no doubt help draw in the crowds, especially with one of Hollywood‘s most popular leading ladies in the title role.

In the modern world where we humans have only so far unlocked 10% of our cerebral capability, Lucy follows a young woman, Lucy (Scarlett Johansson), who after finding herself caught up in an international drug smuggling ring, accidentally overdoses on a revolutionary new drug that allows her to unlock 100% of her minds true potential, which she then uses against the drug cartel responsible, along with the help of a renowned scientist (Morgan Freeman).

There can only be respect and admiration for a filmmaker that sticks to his ‘auteur’ principles but isn’t afraid to adapt and move with the modern advances in film-making, a view that best sums up Luc Besson and his latest cinematic release. Lucy opens the world up to the somewhat frightening possibilities that the human brain could be capable of and whether or not the human race is ready for such an advancement in evolution.

With subtle references to Besson‘s most loved and celebrated cult classics, Leon and The Fifth Element, references in the form of the distinctive soundtrack and gritty cinematography, Lucy, despite losing the plot in some respects, is a refreshing look at a question many of us have often wondered – “What are we humans truly capable of?”. A must see for drama and action junkies.