Redirect Affiliate Program Links for Maximum Effectiveness

Redirect Affiliate Program Links for Maximum Effectiveness – If you promote an system and are not course-plotting your online hyperlinks, you may be losing out on traffic and income opportunities. Redirecting your system hyperlinks allows to decrease junk filtration of your e-mail promotions, improve the approval of content distribution, develop inbound links, and decrease “click fear”.

Minimize Spam Filtering

If you are advertising an system through e-mail, other (unscrupulous) associates of the same company may be ultimately harming the distribution amount of your information. Email filters will block information that contain content or hyperlinks associated with junk. Even if you send your message only to members who have double opted-in to your list, your information may still be obstructed if it contains a URL used by spammers.

Search Engine Optimization

Most system URLs look something like Unfortunately, most search engines have limited or no ability to read these hyperlinks.

Google(TM) alerts, “If you decide to use powerful webpages (i.e., the URL contains a “?” character), be aware that not every online look for engine crawl crawls powerful webpages as well as fixed webpages. It allows to keep the factors short and the variety of them few.” Google goes on to tell us “Don’t use “&id=” as a parameter in your URLs, as we don’t consist of these webpages in our index.”

Furthermore, if you are posting your online weblink on other websites such as weblogs, boards, etc., you are losing out on the opportunity to develop useful back-links that could improve your online look for results positioning positions.

Article Submissions

Submitting content to web marketers and content submission websites is a powerful way to develop inbound links. Unfortunately, many marketers and internet directories do not agree to content including online hyperlinks. However, virtually all will agree to hyperlinks to your own website. By changing your online weblink with a weblink to your own website, even one that blows to your online weblink, you will improve the variety of content distribution approved by marketers and internet directories.

Reduce “Click Fear”

Thanks to those few websites on the Web that spread malware, malware, malware, etc., many web users are afraid of clicking on hyperlinks, especially those that look “suspicious”. To the average user who has no special knowledge of the internal technicalities of the Web, a weblink that has “unusual” figures such as those in powerful URLs (e.g. will appear less reliable than a fixed weblink.

How to Divert Your Affiliate Program URL

There are several ways to redirect your system hyperlinks. The most “search engine friendly” technique is the 301 Long lasting redirect with the .htaccess computer file. You can use this technique if your website is organised on an Apache (Linux, Unix) based server.

To make a lasting redirect, open (or create) the .htaccess computer file. On a single line add the following program code to the file:

redirect 301 /example.html

This program code informs the server to redirect “” to your online weblink “”.

Other methods of course-plotting consist of using PHP’s header() function and HTML’s meta renew.

No matter what system you’re advertising, you will benefit by course-plotting your hyperlinks. Redirecting your online hyperlinks can improve the distribution amount of your e-mail promotions as well as improve CTR. Your content may be more readily approved by content submission websites and web marketers. Furthermore, course-plotting changes hyperlinks to your merchant with useful back-links to your own website – Redirect Affiliate Program Links for Maximum Effectiveness.