The Flash – Pilot Review

The Flash – Pilot review | DC Comics seems to be going through some sort of TV revolution these days, with a host of critically-acclaimed adaptions hitting the small screen.

For those of you Arrow fans out there, you may remember a recent character appearance towards the end of season two with a certain aptitude for forensic science – his name…Barry Allen. Or as he is now commonly known, the Flash, played by Glee and 90210 (2013) actor, Grant Gustin.

Created by the masterminds behind The CW‘s hit, ArrowThe Flash is the much anticipated spin-off charting the story of crime scene investigator, Barry Allen, who after being struck by lightening, develops phenomenal speed capable of breaking the sound-barrier.

During Arrow: Season 2, Episodes 8 and 9, we are given a brief glimpse, a preview so to speak, of Barry Allen’s story; how as a child he lost his mother during an unexplained phenomenal event, how he believes his father was wrongly convicted of her murder, and how he’s always wished for the ability to prove his father’s innocence.

In the recent pilot for The Flash, which had it’s UK premiere last night on Sky1, finally some of those questions were answered, or at least elaborated on more, as Barry Allen’s world (Star City) started to take shape in the wake of his accident. Now armed with his new power of speed, Barry Allen takes on his first true test as the Flash, a criminal with the ability to manipulate the weather. Aided by a close knit, secret team from Star Labs, the one’s responsible for accidentally generating the lightening storm, Barry Allen begins to learn how to control his ability, one that will hopefully finally give him the answers to his mother’s death.

From first glimpse it looks like DC Comics has another hit on it’s hands, and with the stories of Arrow and The Flash so closely entwined with one another, having already seen Arrow‘s, Stephen Amell, make a guest appearance in the pilot as his alter-ego, Green Arrow, I would say it’s safe to assume we can expect a lot more crossovers between both shows in the foreseeable future.

The Flash: Season 1 can be seen in the UK on Tuesday’s @ 8pm on Sky1 HD | The Flash can also be seen in Arrow: Season 3, which premieres on Thursday @ 8pm on Sky1 HD.

View the trailer for The Flash season premiere below: