The Guest – Review

Relatively unknown director, Adam Wingard, makes an explosive entrance into the Hollywood big leagues with The Guest (2014), a nervy drama that follows David (Dan Stevens), a recently discharged US Army solider who visits the family of his fallen friend and soldier.

It quickly becomes apparent that David may be exactly what this grieving family need and quickly becomes the guest we all wish we could have stay.

But beneath the charm, manners, and emotional support, lies something not quite right, and soon this family find their lives taking an unexpected, sinister turn as the man staying with them shows his true intentions.

The Guest was a unique infusion of drama, suspense, and unexpected horror that surprised me all the way through, with some fantastically subtitle comedic moments from all of its characters that drew you in to their stories instantly.

Without doubt one of the highlights of the film was watching Downton Abbey‘s, Dan Stevens take on a role so completely unexpected, and yet deliver a performance so bad-ass and unforgettably creepy that it’s sure to make him Hollywood‘s next big action star.

For an all-out action-thriller that will have you engrossed from start to finish, The Guest is the perfect film to see this summer and an absolute must see.