The Hundred-Foot Journey – Review

After initially closing myself off to seeing this film at the cinema, it was in fact thanks to the persistent determination of my grandmother, pleading with me in the middle of Leicester Square, that finally convinced me to see it.

Despite seeing the trailer, it turns out my prejudgement of the film was completely unfounded and I in fact new very little of what the story was actually about or the cinematic masterpiece I was about to witness.

Based on the novel by Richard C. Morais and directed by acclaimed filmmaker, Lasse Hallström (ChocolateThe Cider House Rules), The Hundred-Foot Journey follows the Kadam family, who after fleeing India, find themselves stranded in a small French village, that may just turn out to offer the fresh start at life they’ve been looking for.

But as life has already proven, things will not be so simple for this family as they invest their entire life-savings into a new restaurant, that just so happens to be opposite an already established Michelin-starred restaurant owned by Madame Mallory (Helen Mirren).

As the war of kitchen’s commences, Hassan Kadem (Manish Dayal), the eldest son of the family, may just hold the key to his families survival as his world-class talents in the kitchen start to shine.

The Hundred-Foot Journey is the truly inspiring and heart-warming tale of life, family, and acceptance, with breathtaking performances by a talented cast that bring undeniable chemistry to the story.

One of the must-see, stand-out films of the year that teaches us that sometimes we must let fate guide us in order to find our true purpose in this life.