The Last Ship (Season 1) – Review

Last night saw the UK premiere of The Last Ship, an explosive and captivating new series from Executive Producer, Michael Bay, and starring Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, and Adam Baldwin.

What’s it about?

When the crew of the US Navy Destroyer, USS Nathan James, are sent on a top secret mission to the Arctic, little did they know that four months later they would be the only remaining hope for humanity when a horrific virus kills off most of the world’s population. Secluded in the far reaches of the world, Commander Tom Chandler (Eric Dane) discovers that the mysterious scientist from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC), Doctor Rachel Scott (Rhona Mitra), who boarded his ship four months ago, has been less then truthful as she works secretly to develop a cure for the virus before it’s too late.

However, when the USS Nathan James comes under attack from a rogue outfit of the once Russian Navy, the crew discover the true reason for their deployment, and must battle to keep Dr. Rachel Scott alive long enough to develop the cure to humanities survival – though nothing is as simple in a now lawless world where danger awaits around every corner.

The Last Ship combines all the key ingredients for an addictive thrill-ride, full of suspense, action, isolation, and big guns that will make this series one of the year’s most explosive new shows, and a must see for all action junkies out there.

The Last Ship can be seen Friday’s @ 8pm on Sky1 and Sky1 HD | Those with On-Demand can also catch up with previous episodes now. | For more info, visit the Sky1 website here.