The Pyramid (2014)

Review of the horror, The Pyramid (2014), starring The Inbetweeners’ James Buckley.

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From The Awakening (1980) starring Charlton Heston to the box-office hits The Mummy (1999) and The Mummy Returns (2001) starring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz, Ancient Egypt has proven to be a fan-favorite in the ever-popular horror genre.

Mix that with the ‘found-footage’ style of film-making that we’ve seen explode in Hollywood since it’s introduction in horror classics such The Blair Witch Project (1999) and Paranormal Activity (2007), and The Pyramid (2014) looked set to hit all the right notes in horror suspense.

Directed by Grégory Levasseur, the talented horror writer behind The Hills Have Eyes (2006) and Mirrors (2008), The Pyramid follows a team of archaeologists and documentary film-makers as they explore a recently unearthed, three-sided pyramid outside Cairo, Egypt.

However, things quickly take a sinister turn when the unsuspecting team find themselves trapped with an ancient, unknown evil lurking deep within the pyramid.

The Pyramid is a film that oozes promise but falls apart from the very beginning, failing to connect us with the characters and struggling to deliver the suspense and scare factor we expect. The horrifically bad storyline is made worse by the bottom of barrel, made-for-TV acting that comes as a surprise considering some of the names that make up the cast, including James Buckley, who we all know as one-quarter of the iconic Inbetweeners. To say I was disappointed with his cringe-worthy performance would be a severe understatement.

Though this film marks Grégory Levasseur‘s directional debut, there’s no excuse for adopting the ‘found-footage’ style of film-making, one of the most exciting aspects of this film, and then randomly abandoning it halfway through the movie – something especially concerning for a man who has already made a name for himself when it comes to consistent horror writing.

All-in-all, The Pyramid is an overwhelming disappointment that has cemented itself as this years worst horror release. I just hope that the next time Grégory takes the directional chair of a horror film, he pens the script himself.