The Theory of Everything is the new biopic charting the life so far of renowned physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking, starring Academy Award-nominees Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones as Stephen and Jane Hawking, the film follows the iconic couple through their university years, marriage, parenthood and the heart-wrenching events as Hawking’s disease starts to take effect.

Most of us will know of Dr. Stephen Hawking, perhaps not so much for his ground-breaking and life-changing research into time relativity and the birth of the universe, but more for his incredible battle against the debilitating illness that is Motor Neurons Disease that has left him almost completely paralyzed.

Oscar-winning director James Marsh takes us on a roller coaster journey charting the life of Stephen Hawking as he continues to unlock the answers to the universe whilst battling the life-changing illness.

Whether you’re an admirer of his work or not, The Theory of Everything will change your entire outlook on life by truly showing you that anything is possible so long as you believe it is, whether that be religious faith or scientific curiosity.

Heart-warming, gut-wrenching and utterly inspiring, this outstanding British cast, including Eddie RedmayneFelicity Jones and David Thewlis, bring these engrossing characters to life in such realistic fashion that you truly struggle to notice the difference between the characters and their real life counter parts.

Oscar success is almost guaranteed for this British biopic masterpiece when the 87th Annual Academy Awards kick-off next month – a must see!